Raga Minions: enhance your Agar.io experience

Raga Minions crx file download

This extension is used to enhance your Agar.io experience by installing and managing so called userscripts.
Each userscript gives you additional features for Agar.io game.

You may install our community made userscripts or write your own and install it too.

The most popular userscript right now is called Raga Mode and you can easily install it by visiting Agar.io website with this extension.

Raga Mode gives you:

❯ Additional Agar.io game modes
❯ Free bots that you can play with
❯ Possibility to buy more if you want to
❯ Quality graphics
❯ Smooth physics
❯ Very active community
❯ Clans & Tournaments
❯ Constant updates and bug fixes
❯ Community suggested features

Download Raga Minions

  1. 下載 Raga Minions 2.0.2 擴充套件( 更新時間: 2022-03-17 12:05:17)