GamingHub: Quick Access to Facebook Games via a Customized New Tab Page!

GamingHub crx file download
GamingHub is a Custom New Tab Extension that changes your default New Tab Page and New Tab Search Box to a custom one, while adding quick links to popular Facebook Games to the New Tab Page.
Using GamingHub's custom search box, you can choose a search provider to your liking, and get customized results provided by the different search providers.
GamingHub does not modify your browser's search settings in any way, other than setting a custom search box to your new tab page.

Using GamingHub you can quickly access Facebook Games.
In order to access these games, you must have and be logged into your active Facebook account, as our quick links redirect you to the Facebook website for actually playing the games.

In addition, enjoy amazing HD backgrounds displayed on our custom New Tab Page.
It is possible to lock onto a background that you like, or change to a fresh one instantly.

You can also quickly access your bookmarks, history and Chrome apps from the Custom New Tab Page, as well as the search feature that allows you to search across multiple different search providers via a custom search.

By clicking "Add to chrome", I accept and agree to installing the GamingHub Chrome extension and setting Chrome™ New Tab to GamingHub, and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Download GamingHub

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