WP Hive: A Better WordPress Plugin Repo

WP Hive crx file download
WP Hive crx file download
WP Hive crx file download

Show plugin report in WordPress.ORG
The WP Hive Chrome Extension is another revolutionary step for WordPress users, right from Chrome itself.

Have you ever wondered how much impact a plugin has on your WordPress website? WP Hive’s Plugin testing tool automatically tests a plugin and gives you better insights. Easily discover new plugins or the popular ones with relevant filters. Even compare plugins like you do for phones.

Get useful metrics such as impact on memory usage & pagespeed, PHP errors, warning or notices, Javascript issues, PHP 7.4 compatibility, latest WordPress 5.5 version compatibility, database footprint, activation error, resource errors - right from your WordPress.org page.

WP Hive automatically tests all WordPress plugins to get useful metrics and shows them inside the WordPress.org plugin pages. You can also compare a plugin with another plugin from WP Hive and get a detailed insight of the plugin.

The extension also offers an option to redirect to WP Hive plugin page for a particular plugin. Sure, WordPress repository is great, but WP Hive makes it even better with better insights & adding more value to users.

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