1 Video Downloader: 1 button to download any video

1 Video Downloader crx file download
1 Video Downloader crx file download
1 Video Downloader crx file download
1 Video Downloader crx file download
1 Video Downloader crx file download

Video introduction

1 button to download any video. 1 Video Downloader powers up Chrome browser with download utility for the most video formats
1 Video Downloader is a powerful media utility to save videos from popular video hubs. It's exactly what you are waiting for. 1 Video Downloader is the easiest and fastest way to download online video from mainstream websites. It's an advanced tool to download online video and save it for later. Watch favorite moments with friends or show useful guides to business partners even if you aren't online. Save interested video files to review them later on your PC.

We have created a product that enhances your social network experience and allows you to save each video file and enjoy it late offline.

Find and download online videos from different sources and gather your own collection of music clips, funny cats or fitness workouts. Take videos with yourself and run it offline at any time. Training videos from Twitter or jokes from Facebook, exciting travels from Vimeo or even entertainment for the dates from Twitter, all these and even more are available now for online downloading. Be ready for any move with the collection of downloaded videos.

All this time you were looking for an advanced solution for video downloading, but all of them work only with one or two video sources. Glad to announce that 1 is a perfect solution for downloading online videos from each big website from the web.

Use 1 Video Downloader for free without any registration. Among the other useful features 1 saves videos as a file to your PC and gives an opportunity to review it later offline. Save in different available formats and qualities according to your needs.

Chrome professional video downloader and music downloader, you can download videos and music online. Free, secure and easy to use.
1 video downloader - Best m3u8 downloader Chrome extension to download m3u8 or audio in Chrome quickly and easily.

It is also an HLS streaming downloader. It can detect M3U8 files and download TS files from them. All HLS streams will be downloaded and merged into MP4.

It allows you to keep your favorite live streams! You can now download live streams to your hard drive with this m3u8 downloader!

You can preview m3u8 before downloading. Before downloading, you can check the size and format of m3u8. You can choose m3u8 quality in the download page before downloading.

You don't need to register an account to use this m3u8 downloader. You can download any m3u8 or audio. This m3u8 downloader is free to use.

When visiting a webpage containing m3u8, 1 video downloader can automatically find m3u8 available for download, and users only need to click the 1 video downloader extension icon in the upper right corner of chrome to start downloading.

It is free, fast, and safe, and has been fully evaluated by the official chrome. You can install this extension with confidence.

Support recording mode, m3u8, which is difficult to download conventionally, can be downloaded by recording.

Support HLS and m3u8 live download.

Note that some web pages require you to start playing m3u8 first to help 1 video downloader discover m3u8 to download.

Please keep in mind that this extension is not responsible for the content you download, so please check the copyright and permissions of the content before downloading.

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